Stokesley Schools Sports Cluster





As the winter draws to a close (hopefully we will be blessed with sunshine next term?) the fair play system has been running to full effect across the two terms with lots of honesty, respect, teamwork, determination, passion, self-belief on display.  Well done to anyone who has earnt fair play points for their school – they are not easy to come by.  Currently the top three teams are as follows:

Stokesley – 65

Hutton Rudby – 45

Carlton & Bilsdale, Kirkby & Gt Broughton, Ingleby Greenhow – 35

Points are also awarded for attending events and placing at various tournaments at both a local, area and county level throughout the year.  So overall the standings of the top three are as follows:

Hutton Rudby – 270

Stokesley – 235

Ingleby Greenhow – 160



Well done to everyone who came up to the High School to play Quicksticks Hockey, Hutton Rudby were run away winners on the day (a great advert for Stokesley Hockey Club).  The other teams showed their perseverance and determination to keep going recording a mixture of wins/losses/draws and goals galore – on average 6 per game.  Hockey can be challenging at the best of times but even more so when played on an uneven playground, so it was great to see everyone adapting and improving throughout the day.

Hopefull we’ve seen the back of the snow and the sun will shine brightly for all of our events next term!

The results on the day were as follows:

1st           Hutton Rudby

2nd          Stokesley

3rd           Kirkby & Gt Broughton/Osmotherley/Ingleby Greenhow



For many this was their very first experience of holding a hockey stick, never mind their first ‘real’ match!  Well done to everyone for bring their amazing determination and team work.

For those just starting on their sporting journey it was fantastic to be able to award so many fair play points for determination, self-belief, respect, honesty and teamwork, it’s good to know that sport isn’t just about winning, there are so many other things that can be learnt!

As usual it was very close at the top of the leader board, with only 3 points separating the top three!  The placings on the day were as follows:

1st           Stokesley

2nd          Hutton Rudby

3rd           Ingleby Greenhow

Stokesley represented our cluster at the recent Hambleton area tournament.  They finished second overall and go on to represent Hambleton in the North Yorkshire finals later in the year – Good luck!



We finally got to play some much anticipated netball after to rearranging due to the snow last week!  The rotation element of High Five Netball always makes things interesting – big v small, power v skill, speed v agility, experience v enthusiasm and seeing the children work out how to play not only the game (as for many it was their first experience on a real court) but how to play it against different opposition.  Every single one rose to the challenge and should be very proud of their efforts on the day.  It’s always fantastic to see the teamwork and improvement that the children make on the day from full netball immersion.  Fair play points were awarded for determination, honesty and teamwork.

The day’s placings were as follows:

1st           Hutton Rudby 1

2nd          Hutton Rudby 2

3rd           Ingleby Greenhow

Well done to Hutton Rudby, fantastic netball from both teams – good luck in the area finals.

Further congratulations to Hutton Rudy winning the area finals and now representing Hambleton in the North Yorkshire Finals later in the year – Good luck!



The smallest members of our community visited us this week and as usual it was a pleasure to see their happy smiles, their willingness to give everything a go whether it was new to them or not and their best effort all session.

Two of the school games values are determination and self-belief and they showed them to us by the bucket load while they were throwing, jumping, balancing, rolling or even travelling around the world!

Every single person tried their very best to give every activity a go – as usual I was very impressed by their attitude and look forward to watching them on their PE journeys.


DODGEBALL (February)

It was the turn of the Year 3 & 4 children in our cluster to visit the high school for a very loud afternoon of fun dodgeball as usual it was fast and furious, full attention was needed not to miss a trick!  There was lots of opportunity to practise the school games values of team work, honesty, respect, passion and determination and they all gave it their very best to try and work by those values – well done to everyone.

We couldn’t really single out any one for a fair play award as everyone contributed so much to their teams that we have given each school two fair play points.  Well done to everyone!



Once again I was really impressed with the level of gymnastics on display from the children in our cluster, it is so nice to see their hard work rewarded with a chance to perform on a big stage – all that practise has been worthwhile – everyone was superb and should be very proud of themselves, performing to an audience is not the easiest thing.  It was also nice to be able to award more fair play points for both self-belief & determination (those that got up and carried on after a hiccup or overcame barriers just to be here) and also for respect for both their other competitors and the judges – well done!  I hope that the children all enjoyed their journey and are enthused to carry on their gymnastics journey, who knows maybe we were watching the next Max Whitlock or Beckie Downie.  Congratulations to all competitors!

The results on the day were as follows


1ST           Hutton Rudby

2ND          Ingleby Greenhow

3RD          Carlton & Bisldale


1ST           Hutton Rudby

2ND          Ingleby Greenhow

3RD          Stokesley


1ST           Hutton Rudby

2ND          Ingleby Greenhow

3RD          Stokesley

Once again a clean sweep to Hutton Rudby, best of luck in the next round!