Stokesley Schools Sports Cluster




The league table is up and running again this year, taking in to account participation and playing to the ideals of the School Games (Honesty, Respect, Determination, Self-Belief, Team work and Passion) with a few points for winning thrown in too.
Joint at the top of the Fair Play Points section of the table are Kirkby & Gt Broughton & Stokesley, followed by Carlton & Bilsdale and then Hutton Rudby.
Overall last year’s winners have made a great start again this year and at the end of the first term it’s very, very close, the standings of the top three are as follows:
Hutton Rudby 140 points
Stokesley 135 points
Kirkby & Gt Broughton 120 points
Keep it up everyone – there are lots more events and point to come!

We love this active event with the camaraderie and team support that comes with it. The children are always super supportive of their teammates. The culmination of all the different athletic events (running jumping and throwing) is the obstacle relay, it didn’t disappoint, rolling, bouncing, jumping, turning and running – the noise in the sportshall was unbelievable!
After an afternoon of frantic activity the final placings were as follows:
1st Hutton Rudby
2nd Stokesley
3rd Ingleby Greenhow
Congratulations to all those who took part – especially those who can compete again in future years! Good luck to those representing our cluster in the area finals.

What a great afternoon of football, it was particularly pleasing to see such great sportsmanship on display, 11 fair play points given out on the afternoon (the most at any one event so far), so congratulations to everyone who participated, you were all fantastic!
Congratulations to Hutton Rudby the overall winners who won all their matches, on average scoring more than 5 goals a game! They went on to represent SSSC in the Area tournament and once again showed flair and determination throughout the whole tournament, to win for the second year in a row – a great achievement, well done!
Stokesley were runners up on the day, followed by Osmotherly, Ingleby, Kirkby & Carlton – well done everyone some great football on display and lots and lots of determination.

Once again the North Riding FA helped our sports leaders to run a festival event for the Yr5&6 girls in the cluster. The event is run to give girls a chance to give football a go and experience playing a game. The girls were fantastic and played some excellent football throughout the afternoon, well done to everyone who came up to the high school.

Despite the threat of Storm Ophelia the weather gods were on our side this year and although it was a bit blustery the conditions for running were fantastic and as usual just to match so were all of the students. And as every year it is always a pleasure to see the amount of sheer determination on show, children who come to cross country come for a variety of reasons, from winning to just getting round – I hope that everyone is very proud of their performance on the day, well done to all who took part.
There were some very close finishes in individual races and overall there was only 3 points between second and third (we count the first 12 across the line to score for their school). Once again this year the spoils within the separate year groups races were spread around the area, Hutton Rudby winning the girls and boys Yr6, boys Yr5 and girls Yr4, Ingleby Greenhow the girls Yr5, Stokesley the boys Yr4, Kirkby & Gt Broughton girls Yr3 and Roseberry the boys Yr3.
The overall positions this year were as follows
1st Hutton Rudby
2nd Kirkby & Great Broughton
3rd Stokesley

And as always thank you to all the Lead On students & Mr Beattie for organising such an efficient day, the primary school staff for getting everyone to the start line and the parents for all their support on the day. Congratulations to everyone who took part. Good luck in the next round to all of those who qualified.

Congratulations to everyone who attended our inaugural tag rugby tournament, we had 9 teams from 5 different schools all contributing to a successful afternoon of activity in the glorious sunshine. The weather certainly brought out the best in everyone’s rugby and there was some fantastic, passing, tagging and dodging, some amazing individual tries and also some brilliant team tries too. It was lovely to see the determination in place from the start but also the growth in self-belief throughout the afternoon.
The competition as usual was very close, with the defence proving the difference between the top three on the day, well done to Hutton Rudby coming first and second – a hot bed of rugby talent!
1st Hutton Rudby A
2nd Hutton Rudby B
3rd Ingleby Greenhow

Yr1/2 MULTISKILLS (October)
Next to visit us at the High School were Key Stage 1. Again they bring their best ‘give it a go’ attitudes and try out lots of new and different sports skills, at certain stations they also needed brains and team work too! There was running, jumping, throwing, passing, rolling and balancing to be done and every single person tried their very best to give every activity a go – as usual I was very impressed by their attitude and look forward to watching them on their PE journeys.
Congratulations to everyone who came – you were all fantastic and especially to those of you who earnt fair play points for teamwork and helping others! And an extra well done to the afternoon group who didn’t bat an eyelid about the miserable weather! Well done Key Stage 1!

Yr3/4 TAG RUGBY SKILLS (September)
Another fantastic start to the SSSC program for this year, a chance for Year 3 & 4 to come up to the high school to learn and practise some tag rugby skills with the coaches from Guisborough Rugby Club. The children leant how to tag and to avoid being tagged, how to run forwards and pass backwards (this last bit can be very tricky!) and finished off with a small sided game – well done to everyone for their fantastic attitude, especially those who were giving something new a go!