Stokesley Schools Sports Cluster





Once again we have had our ‘Best & Fairest’ league up and running throughout the year, schools win points for attending events and qualifying for area/county rounds but most importantly for showing their School Games Values – honesty, respect, passion, self-belief, determination and teamwork (which we call Fair Play Points).  This year the competition at the top was fierce with only 5 points (the equivalent of one fair play point) separating first and second after 24 different events!  Congratulation to Stokesley in first place, well done to last year’s winners Hutton Rudby in second and once again one of our smallest schools coming in third – great work Ingleby Greenhow.

It is always nice to see that competition is not always about winning there is so much more to sport as demonstrated by the School Games Values.  In the Fair Play table Stokesley were once again at the top, with Carlton & Bilsdale second and Ingleby Greenhow third again.  It was also fantastic to see how close this ‘competition’ was with all schools within 30 points of each other – so as always well done to everyone who has represented their school at an event at the high school this year, you are all doing fantastically well on your journey in to PE/sports and hopefully developing some lifelong habits in the process.  Keep those smiles on your faces and we are all looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

It’s been another action packed term within our sports cluster, helped by the amazing weather that we have had across the whole term!  Details of all the 11 events can be found below



We added a new event to the SSSC sporting calendar this term with Stokesley and Ingleby Greenhow venturing over to the High School to give it a go.  As we all discovered on the day – yes the teachers and sports leaders had a go too – it’s not just quite as easy as it looks!  The children played each other in a mini competition, all trying to push their stones in to the house with a mixture of power and precision!  On the day the children all demonstrated their enthusiasm and determination and improved as the afternoon went on.

Well done to everyone who came and gave it a go – we all had lots of fun on the day – thank you.



What a fantastic day of cricket with the younger members of our cluster, we were blessed with gorgeous weather to match the enthusiasm and happy faces shown by all the children.  They had either a morning or afternoon experiencing a range of different cricket skills, so they were batting, bowling, running, communicating, throwing, catching, fielding.  Hopefully we have encouraged a few more cricket starts of the future.  As usual thank you to Stokesley Cricket Club for lending us their lovely ground for the day.



Well done to everyone who came to the high school to play in the tennis tournament.  They were not only battling their opponents but also the elements and our makeshift courts – they were all fantastic giving it their very best shot.  There were some very very close games and buckets of determination on show, especially from Carlton & Bilsdale.

The final results are below, good luck to those competing in the next round of the competition

1st          Hutton Rudby A

2nd         Stokesley

3rd          Hutton Rudby B



Well done to everyone who came to the high school to play in the tennis tournament.  There was lots of excellent tennis on display, a mixture of power plays and deft touches leading to some fantastic rallies and close matches.  In tennis where every point counts, just like last year the results couldn’t have been any closer – with just one point separating the two teams from Hutton Rudby!  (If it had been a draw the B team would actually have won on count back as they lost fewer points!!!)

The final results are below, good luck to those competing in the next round of the competition

1st          Hutton Rudby A

2nd         Hutton Rudby B

3rd          Stokesley




The sun was shining for our visit to Stokesley Primary Academy to run Quadkids for Yr3 and 4.  Around 80 children experienced a selection of athletic events in a competitive environment – running, jumping, throwing and sprinting.  It was lovely to see everyone giving all the events a go whether they thought they might be the next KJT or had never seen an athletics track before – they all tried their very best and I’m looking forward to hearing if they can beat the marks that they’ve set later in the term if they get to have another go at them.  Well done Yr3&4!



It was our first visit to Roseberry for Quadkids with Years 5 & 6 participating on the day to be the best that they could be.  This is often the first chance that children get to do some athletics in a competitive environment and the children all tried their very best.  It was also great to see/hear the support they were giving to their fellow competitors, especially the Year 5s!

Well done everyone!  We are looking forward to coming back again next year to see if there are any more budding Daily Thompsons or Denise Lewises!



The weather was on our side this year, making our visit to Ingleby Greenhow possible this year.  It’s always a pleasure to visit Ingleby as we get to see the whole school in one afternoon all out and about and active.  As usual they didn’t disappoint us with their determination to set personal bests, or to beat the person next to them – there were some amazing races and on the day the children tried their very best.  Well done to the whole school who took part on the day!



This is our third year visiting Kirkby & Gt Broughton for Quadkids and the children’s athletic endeavours are really paying off – this year the Yr3/4s were only 3 points away from qualifying for the North Yorkshire Finals – fantastic!  As usual the children were all willing to give all the events a go whether they considered themselves runners/jumpers/throwers or not which lead to some great performances and exciting races – well done to everyone who took part on the day.



It was perfect cricket weather for our Yr5/6 tournament at Stokesley Cricket Club (thank you for the use of your facilities).  As with all of our tournaments this is often the first chance that children have to play this sport in a competitive environment outside of the school gates.  There are always nerves and what ifs, but you would never know as the children always come with their passion and determination to do their best.  It is also nice to see the improvement that many make throughout the day and the more experiences cricketers offering their help along the way – Well done to everyone who came to play, unfortunately due to time constraints we couldn’t finish playing all the matches on the day so there was some Duckworth Lewis match involved in working out the winners on the day!  Infact the results were very similar to the previous year – congratulations to Hutton Rudby and good luck in the next round.

1st          Hutton Rudby

2nd         Osmotherley

3rd          Stokesley



Once again many thanks to the Stokesley Cricket Club for hosting our young cricketers.  The session gives everyone a chance to have a go at batting, bowling, running, throwing, catching and playing some games.  But above all it’s a chance to experience something new, get outside and have some fun with your friends.  The children brought their open minds to give cricket a go and it was great to see smiles on faces when they achieved a new skill.  A special mention to Roseberry & Stokesley who had to contend with near gale force winds in the morning, well done!



It was great to see all the Year6s up at the high school in the sunshine for an afternoon of very different sporting activities and team work.  They were all fantastic and worked hard for both themselves and their teams using lots of different skills, thinking, planning, maths, general knowledge, drawing, spelling, strategy and of course some running!  It is always nice to get to meet our prospective students in a fun and friendly atmosphere, give them another experience of the high school and to celebrate some of the things they’ve learn at primary school.  We are looking forward to seeing them all again in September.

As the events were all so different it highlighted that we are indeed all different with a different group ‘winning’ each of the different events – but congratulations to Kirkby & Gt Broughton who had two teams in the top spots.  And once again the team that won didn’t ‘win’ any of the individual events but worked well across all of them!



What another fantastic gala with lots of competitive racing – well done to all of those who took part and made the morning so enjoyable.  As usual the team support from the sideline was immense, with a special shout out to Roseberry who I could hear over all the other schools with their organised chants and to Stokesley for supporting another school’s swimmer when they were finished long after everyone else.

We timed the heats this year so the finals as I said before were very competitive with some of our regular swimmers winning by an obvious margin, however the battle for the other places and points for your school was fierce and needed much discussion from the place judges to get it right.  And as the saying goes points make prizes, and just to prove a point the winning school didn’t win any of the individual races, but had lots of finalists and competitive relay teams.

Once again the relay swimmers were fantastic with only 2 missed changeovers, only to be matched by the support of their schools from the sidelines and there were new winners of the relays this year, with Stokesley winning 2, Hutton Rudby and Ingleby Greenhow one each.  And again special mention to our smallest school, Ingleby who came third overall with a team of just 7 swimmers!!!

It was all change at the top of the table his year with Stokesley wining overall, followed by Hutton Rudby – congratulations again to all the swimmers – well done!



Fortunately this year we were blessed with bright sunshine for our younger members to come up and have a go at some teamwork rounders.  After the first couple of games they were all in to the swing of it, having some really great games, there was even a hard fought draw!  It was also lovely to see our youngsters displaying lots of school games values – Ingleby Greenhow had fantastic team support for all their players, Henrietta was particularly encouraging, Jack from Carlton was showing us his determination and Edward from Kirkby his respect – and extra well done to those children for scoring a fair play point for their school.

And congratulations to Stokesley who won on the day, very closely followed by Kirkby and then Osmotherley – but as usual congratulations to everyone who came with average total rounders scored per team 190!



We had a new format for the Aquasplash this year with the children still enjoying a morning filled with lots of friends and fun in the pool.  As usual we aim to get everyone in the water and having fun with their friends while exercising – a great life skill!  For the less confident swimmers it was great to see them pushing themselves and giving all the different activities a go.  Well done to everyone who came – looking forward to seeing you at the leisure centre over the summer holidays having even more fun with some friends!  And finally a big thank you to the Leisure Centre and their staff for running the event today.