We are particularly proud of the appearance of our students. Our philosophy is that an emphasis on smart appearance feeds in to good behaviour and good behaviour underpins effective learning. Our spirit of constructive, positive competition is reflected in our uniform. In addition to black blazer, trousers or skirt our students’ ties indicate the school’s House they belong to.

Policy and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – Uniform 


The aim of this SOP is to ensure that all students are properly dressed in the correct school uniform at all times whilst in school.  This is to provide a safe, friendly learning environment that minimises distractions from teaching and learning.

The correct school uniform

  • School blazer that must be worn at all times.
  • Tie in students’ house colour, not the tie of another house.
  • Optional jumper in the students’ house colours. If a jumper is worn a blazer must be worn as well.
  • A white school shirt that can be buttoned to the collar (shirt should be buttoned at the top). In hot weather a short sleeved white school shirt that can be buttoned to the collar may be worn.
  • Boys’ black trousers from uniform supplier, or exact match i.e. flat front, low rise style with two front and either one or two suit style back pockets. Trousers must be worn around the waist.
  • Girls’ black, bootcut or straight leg trousers, from uniform supplier, or exact match. No hipsters or skinny leg trousers, socks are to be white, grey or black.
  • Pleated school skirt that is black in colour and that extends to the knee, in most cases this will be 20 inches in length.
  • If a skirt is to be worn then plain black tights must be worn under the skirt; the skirt should still extend to the knee.
  • Whilst in school, sensible plain black school shoes, not trainers, boots, plimsolls, sandals or heels may be worn. There should not be any logos, colour or adornments on the shoes (Kickers are acceptable), examples of acceptable shoes and unacceptable shoes are shown on the next page.  In very poor weather conditions (heavy snow), students may come to school in boots.  However, when in school and on school grounds school shoes must be worn.
  • One pair of simple studded ear piercings, one per ear may be worn. No other piercings.
  • If students’ are attending college for the day as part of their education they may come to school in the clothes they need for college. If they are back at school they should change back into school uniform.
  • A bag to carry equipment and books to and from school. School bags that are permitted are rucksacks, shoulder bags and satchels.  PE kit may be brought into school in a separate kit bag

The following are not allowed in school as part of the uniform 

  • Bracelets, bangles, rings, ear stretchers, dangly earrings, ear hoops, tattoos including henna.
  • Extreme hair colours and hair styles. Extreme hair colours mean an unnatural hair colour, extreme hair styles includes tramlines, mohicans hair of extreme variations in length.
  • Hoodies and sportswear. (All other outdoor clothing MUST be taken off when in school).
  • Trainers/skate shoes.
  • Non black belts or decorative belts.
  • Make up including nail varnish and false nails.
  • Skin-tight or extremely slim fitting trousers or trousers with a raised ridge seam on the front or rear.


School will not lend items of uniform.  However, if students forget uniform and parents cannot bring the item(s) into school or the student cannot go home to retrieve their uniform, then they can purchase missing items from Student Services or the Focus Room.  Items available to purchase are ties, blazers and trousers.  If a student cannot get correct uniform from home or is unable to purchase the missing item then the student will be given a report card and sent to lessons.  However, they will receive a social time detention at the earliest convenience.

School uniform including skirts and trousers are available from our uniform suppliers, Emblazon, www.emblazon.biz. Weblink to Emblazon.biz


The images below show some examples of acceptable boys’ footwear for Stokesley School.




The images below show some examples acceptable girls’ footwear for Stokesley School.




The images below show some examples of unacceptable footwear for Stokesley School.






The images below show some examples of acceptable trousers for Stokesley School





The images below show some examples of unacceptable trousers for Stokesley School.






Monitoring:                           All staff

Evaluation:                            C. Simpson

Click here to download: Uniform Policy September 2016 (495Kb)
Click here to purchase our uniform from Emblazon